Final WRHS Bank Logo


The WRHS Bank offers great opportunities to students! Through our services you are able to open an account and actively deposit and withdraw funds form your account during lunch hours.

Daily services provided:

  1. Open new accounts

  2. Deposits and withdrawals

  3. Write personal checks

  4. Change for large bills

  5. Exchange coins for cash

  6. Checking Cashing Service- free of charge for account holders, $2.00 fee for non- account holders.

  7. Provide monthly bank statements

  8. Best interest rate in town!

  9. Money management services

  10. Provide financial advice


Jr. Blue Crew

The Jr. Blue Crew is a savings program started by the WRHS Bank to encourage students to invest and save money during their time at Washburn Rural. The program will also include savings tips, and teaches students to save their money, rather than spend it. You can get more information about the savings club, and use a savings calculator to determine the best way to save! (Reminder: on the savings calculator, our current interest rate is .35%)