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Teresa Golden

Business Teacher

Mrs. Golden has been teaching at Washburn Rural for 17 years! She recently was awarded Kansas Master Teacher for the Auburn-Washburn School District. She has her Master’s Degree from Baker University in Curriculum and Instruction. She teaches Entrepreneurship, Computer Applications, Banking and Finance / Investing (WRHS BANK), and both Marketing/Finance Workplace Experience.

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Jay Mastin

Business Teacher

This is Mr. Mastin’s second year at Washburn Rural. He has recieved degress from Kansas State University and Baker University. Before coming to Rural Mr. Mastin taught the last 6 years at Shawnee Heights. He is the head coach of Rural Baseball and sponsors DECA. He also teaches Marketing, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Business Essentials, and Keyboarding.

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Brian McFall

Business Teacher

Mr. McFall has taught at Rural for four years. He is a DECA co-sponsor. He teaches Business Essentials, Information Technology in a Global Society, Marketing Management and Auditing. He also helps the students run the WRHS Coffee Shop, Common Grounds, before school and during lunch.

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Kathy Reno

Business Teacher

Ms. Reno has been at Washburn Rural for 14 years. She is a graduate of Kansas State University with Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration and Secondary Education, as well as a Masters Degree in Special Education. She teaches Accounting, Keyboarding, Computer Applications, and Business Essentials.

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Emily Lemke

Business Teacher

This is Ms. Lemke’s first year at Washburn Rural. She teaches Keyboarding, Business Essentials, Marketing and Marketing Applications (The Shack School Store). She is a graduate of Kansas State University. Ms. Lemke is a DECA sponsor and WRHS JV volleyball coach!

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