Jay Mastin

Business Teacher

This is Mr. Mastin’s fifth year at Washburn Rural. He has received degrees from Kansas State University and Baker University. Before coming to Rural Mr. Mastin taught at Shawnee Heights. He is also the head coach of Rural Baseball and sponsors DECA. He teaches Marketing, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Business Essentials, and Web Design.

 Business Essentials

Business Essentials is the perfect way to begin both the Marketing and Finance pathways. This course gives students an overview of business, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, and accounting.

 Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Sports, entertainment, and the marketing mix. Everyday you are confronted with hundreds of different marketing strategies and tactics. Learn how it all works in this Marketing class new to WRHS in the Fall of 2011.


 Web Page Design

Have fun designing web pages using Adobe Suite Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Students learn how to critically evaluate website quality, learn how to create and maintain quality web pages, learn about how web design standards and why they’re important, and learn to create and manipulate images. Class activities are project-based and give students and opportunity to learn high-demand technical skills[/one_third_last]


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